Principal September/October 2019: Personalized Learning

With the population of various student subcategories increasing (low socioeconomic status, diagnosed disabilities, English learners, and gifted and talented, for example), educators are rightly focused on identifying barriers and redesigning learning experiences to fit diverse learning needs. In this issue of Principal magazine, read about the latest research on per­sonalized learning, discover strategies to support teachers’ use of Universal Design for Learning and implement education technology in rural settings, and find out how to set up a sensory room.
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This issue of Principal is also accompanied by a Leading Lessons guide, “Empowered Partners in Learning.” This guide will help you better use data to improve student personalized learning.
NAESP’s Principal magazine has teamed up with Crayola again to deliver the “Champion Creatively Alive Children” magazine supplement. You can read it online here.
Getting to Why Three ways principals can use personalized learning to lead whole-school transformation Jeneen Y. Hatoum
Teachers Aid How to address the challenges of personalized learning implementations Andy Jacks and Hamish Brewer
A Brighter Future for Personalized Learning How leaders can apply the Universal Design for Learning framework to continuously support personalized learning Bill Wilmot
Models of Voice and Choice Recognize teachers’ diverse experiences when implementing Universal Design for Learning strategies Katie Novak
When Rural Gets Personal Rural and remote schools are implementing technology in personalized learning to meet student needs Kathryn Kennedy
Research Roundup: The Personal Touch Recent reports examine the spread of personalized learning strategies and their efficacy Linda Fitch
New Sensation 7 tips for building a successful sensory room in your school Maria McDonald
The Language of Learning How to encourage broad-based personalized learning among English learners Lynmara Colón and Rita E. Goss
Giving Back, Together Principals volunteer to change lives in Puerto Rico and elsewhere throughout the world
From the Editor From Aspirational to Operational Kaylen Tucker
Snapshots Nuggets of research, policy, and practice to keep you informed
5 Things What you need to know about the association that has your back
In the Spotlight Nothing but Net: Stephanie Worthey
Practitioner’s Corner 3 Ways to Support Problem-Based Instruction Allowing students to find solutions on their own enhances mathematics learning
Early Career Helping School Improvements Succeed Eight essential elements to consider in managing a school turnaround
Raising the Bar Building Expectations How a rural, Title I school achieved its first-ever “A” rating
The Reflective Principal Been There, Done That A principal returns better prepared after working at the district level
Speaking Out Let Them Fail Teaching students to accept adversity and persevere prepares them for life
Parents & Schools A Simple Plan to Make Parents Feel Welcome Attempting to engage with 100 percent of families ensures you can reach more of them
Postscript An Innovative Approach to Personalized Learning L. Earl Franks, Ed.D., CAE

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