Principal September/October 2013: Early Learning

This issue of Principal is all about early learning, exploring structures principals can use to help develop an effective continuum of learning for pre-K-3 students. Taken together, these articles will help you consider the effect of both an aligned early learning curriculum and more significant arts integration on your own student population, especially for children at risk for underachievement. You’ll also find useful web resources to help your school focus on early learning.
This September/October issue is also joined by its arts-themed supplement, Champion Creatively Alive Children, full of creative articles for K-8 principals.
Bright and Early Sam Oertwig and Sharon Ritchie Tools for providing a seamless education experience for pre-K-3 learners.
It’s Playtime! Joan Almon The value of play in early education, and how to get teachers on board. (Article available to the public.)
Building a Foundation for Literacy and Learning Kathy Ward-Cameron Early literacy and rigorous early childhood curriculum puts students on the path to success.
The Power of Pre-K Rebecca Stephens This Michigan school supports early learners through a unified, pre-K-3 umbrella approach. (Article available to the public,)
Collaboration Keys for English-language Learners In this Q&A, Maureen Keithley reveals the importance of collaboration between ESL/bilingual and classroom teachers.
Going Green Fred Barch A Florida principal describes his green elementary school and provides tips others can use to “go green.”
From the Editor A Creative, Early Start Kaylen Tucker (Article available to the public.)
Snapshots Brain-based strategies, energizing staff, and buzzword (Article available to the public.)
Parents & Schools Harmonious Parent Relationships Christy Keeler and Victoria Kilbury
Practitioner’s Corner Improving Math Instruction With Content-based Coaching Carolyn L. White
Raising the Bar Raising Expectations: 7 Strategies Niki P. Fryou
Principal’s Bookshelf
The 6 Keys to Teacher Engagement: Unlocking the Doors to Top Teacher Performance By Cathie E. West Reviewed by Jacie Maslyk
Collaborative School Leadership: Practice Strategies for Principals By Ron Nash and Kathleen Hwang Reviewed by Don Sternberg
The Reflective Principal Support Eases Family-Work Challenges Laura Griffith
Ten to Teen Elementary Tactics to Ease Transition Stress Indra Bullock
Speaking Out The Value of Teacher Evaluation Louis F. Cicchinelli (Article available to the public.)
It’s the Law Staff Email and Social Networking: Handle With Care Perry A. Zirkel
Postscript Thinking P-3 Gail Connelly (Article available to the public.)

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