Principal Nov/Dec: New Developments in Math & Language Arts

Reading (and Math) Is Fundamental The impact of reading fluency is often taken for granted by the general public. Reading and applying the instructions in a manual or understanding your health benefits are essential acts that require basic levels of reading and comprehension. And the same can be said of math. Without this basic building block, how else would you split the dinner bill among friends or balance your checkbook? MATH AND LANGUAGE ARTS Teaching Content Is Teaching Reading Language arts classes should convey key background knowledge, which is the beating heart of verbal skill.E.D. Hirsch Jr. Common Standards for AllWhat do common core standards mean for you and your students, faculty, and school? Evaluating the Common StandardsKevin Craft Best Use of Math Teacher LeadersFind out whether a math specialist or math coach is the best solution for your school.Maggie B. McGatha FEATURES Research Report: The School-Family ConnectionParent involvement takes on various forms depending on who is defining it, but which one has the most impact on student achievement?Nancy Protheroe A Conversation With Secretary of Education Arne Duncan(Article available to the public) Bilingual and BiculturalEnglish-language learners and English-proficient students alike can achieve academic success through a dual-language program.Audrey F. Murphy IN EVERY ISSUE From the EditorsReading (and Math) Is Fundamental(Article available to the public) Snapshots(Article available to the public) Practitioner’s CornerBringing Issues—and Solutions—to LightPeter DeWitt Raising the BarTransparency Drives AccountabilityMelissa Glee-Woodard Principal’s BookshelfLeading School Change: 9 Strategies to Bring Everybody on Board by Todd WhitakerReviewed by Melissa D. Patschke Season It With Fun! A Year of Recognition, Fun, and Celebrations to Enliven Your School by Diane HodgesReviewed by Roma Windham Morris The Reflective PrincipalWho Will Lead Us Into the Future?Margaret Grimes Ten to TeenOf Penguins and PersonalitiesR. Allen Boone Speaking OutThe Consequence of SuspensionsFran Pokorski(Article available to the public) Parents & SchoolsBoost Involvement One Book at a TimeBruce Coffey Jr. It’s the LawReligious MusicPerry A. Zirkel PostscriptDefining MomentsGail Connelly(Article available to the public)

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