Principal March/April 2017: Technology for All

As the role of technology in schools continues to evolve and expand, principals will need to be at the forefront of innovation as well as continuously tend to equity and instructional leadership. The articles in this issue of Principal magazine provide a forward-looking overview of school technology leadership—from comprehensive topics like digital equity to specific strategies like using digital badges to motivate students.
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Schools of the Future Seven gears principals can leverage to enhance technology use. Thomas C. Murray

Digital Equity: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time Students deserve equal access to digital resources—anywhere, anytime. Keith Krueger and Jayne James
Everyone Has a Role to Play in Safeguarding Student Data How students’ personal information is used and protected should guide the use of digital teaching tools. Taryn Hochleitner

Tech Integration, One Room at a Time Furnish a model classroom with tech tools to create a hub of experimentation. Kirk Koennecke and John Carder
Going Digital With Badges Badges offer educators and students new ways to demonstrate and reward achievement. Richard E. Ferdig, Kristine E. Pytash,L. Emery Nickerson II, and David Smith

Twitter Chats Made Simple New to Twitter chats? Learn the basics with this guide. Brad Gustafson


Let PE Teachers Play a Leading Role When it comes to social-emotional learning instruction, don’t overlook the PE teacher as the one to take charge. Joel DiBartolomeo
Legal Eagles Embrace the law to improve your leadership. Mark Paige
The Power of Focus It’s all about prioritizing to achieve simple, inexorable school improvement. Michael Schmoker
From the Editor Back to the Future —Kaylen Tucker
Snapshots Nuggets of research, policy, and practice to keep you informed.
Member Spotlight Illinois Principal Leverages Sports Background
Practitioner’s Corner One-on-One Coaching —Bridgid M. Burke and Sheri R. Long

Parents & Schools It’s Your Call: Share Positive Feedback —Dana Boyd
Principal’s Bookshelf
Cool Things to Do If a Bully’s Bugging You: 50 Classroom Activities to Help Elementary Students By Catherine DePino —Reviewed by Julie Bloss
Design-Based School Improvement: A Practical Guide for Educators By Rick Mintrop —Reviewed by Jen Thomas
Innovation Mission Accomplished —Evelyn Cruz
It’s the Law Student Concussions —Perry A. Zirkel
Best Practices From Deficit to Distinguished —Taj Jensen and Christine Kelly
Speaking Out Cross Over the Digital Divide —Andre Benito Mountain
Postscript Thriving in an Ever-Changing World —Gail Connelly

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