Principal January/February 2019: Aligned Learning Experiences

This issue of Principal focuses on how educators can better align pre-K–8 learning experiences. Articles touch on topics such as transitions between grades and schools; aligning curriculum, assignments, and assessments; and integrating academics with recess, physical education, and student leadership.
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This issue of Principal is also accompanied by a Leading Lessons guide on collaborating with assistant principals. It offers strategies on shaping roles and responsibilites, and how to get the best out of your team.

Choice & Relevancy Autonomy and personalization in assignments help motivate and engage students Joan Dabrowski and Tanji Reed Marshall
Research Roundup: Alignment Produces Achievement A selection of recent reports on alignment and student transitions Linda Fitch
Meet Children Where They Are An early childhood education continuum focuses on more than academics alone to foster student success Kelly Cobb
Make the Most of the Middle Educators discuss how to foster engagement as kids rapidly start to develop their own interests and personalities
In the Spirit of Service Establishing student leadership not only teaches kids to be civic-minded, but it also brings a dose of fun to the school and community Elizabeth Benstead
Adding to the Equation Teaching fractions in middle school math classes using universal design for learning Michele L. Stites and Heather L. Walter
Right the Wrongs of Sedentary Education The desk-based learning of public schools might be more harmful than helpful Brad Johnson
Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Transitioning to a new school environment is often difficult, but you can succeed if you make the change for the right reasons and embrace the learning curve John George and Rachael George
From the Editor A Million Little Things Kaylen Tucker, Ph.D.
Snapshots Nuggets of research, policy, and practice to keep you informed
5 Things What you need to know about the Association that has your back
In the Spotlight Dual-Language, One Goal
Practitioner’s Corner Tips for Terrific Transitions Contact Head Start program leaders to prepare students for kindergarten
Early Career Taking on Trauma The first steps to becoming a trauma-informed school
Raising the Bar A Touch of Class for Pre-K A publicly funded program helps bring students up to speed
The Reflective Principal Learning Together Use professional development to build staff relationships
Speaking Out Lose the Levels Organizing libraries by reading level can be more hindrance than help
Parents & Schools Parents as Partners Use the continuous improvement process to foster equity
In the Middle Support Breeds Success Navigating the transition from elementary to middle school
Postscript A Leadership Shift L. Earl Franks, Ed.D., CAE

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