Principal January/February 2014: Assessments, Evaluations, and Data

Today, many principals are feeling the pressure of introducing multiple, new assessment and evaluation processes in their schools. The data—resulting from the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) initiative and teacher and principal evaluations, to start—can seem like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that must be ordered in a way that feels cohesive, and then ultimately benefits children. This issue of Principal explores how school leaders can bring data pieces together for positive outcomes.

Testing To, and Beyond, the Common Core Linda Darling-Hammond New assessments can support a multiple-measure framework to deepen teaching and learning. (Article available to the public.)
Common Core Assessments: A Principal’s View Lucille McAssey Four strategies to weather the “perfect storm” of new assessments and evaluations. (Article available to the public.)
Principal Evaluation Takes Center Stage Joseph Murphy, Ellen Goldring, and Andrew Porter Foundational, process, and outcome principles are essential components of principal evaluation systems.
Take Charge of Principal Evaluations Jacie Maslyk
Time-Saving Teacher Evaluation Solutions Put all the pieces together with these tactics from the nation’s top principals.
Experience ELL Shadowing Ivannia Soto Provide teachers with an unobstructed view of how to enhance language development for English-language learners.
Untying the “Nots” of Bullying Prevention Jim Dillon Flip your school’s bullying strategy by emphasizing responsibility and empowering bystanders. (Article available to the public.)
From the Editor Data: Putting the Pieces Together Kaylen Tucker (Article available to the public.)
Snapshots Research on language acquisition, buzzword, and member spotlight. (Article available to the public.)
Practitioner’s Corner Art-Science Approach for Gifted Learners Karin Johnson
Raising the Bar Transform Learning With Tech Co-Teaching Anne M. Benninghof and Debbie Blair
Principal’s Bookshelf
Formative Assessment in Practice: A Process of Inquiry and Action By Margaret Heritage —Reviewed by Hester Chandley Alfred
Cage-Busting Leadership By Frederick M. Hess —Reviewed by Jessica Johnson
Parents & Schools Building Powerful Parent Partnerships Robert Dillon and Melissa Nixon
The Reflective Principal Foundations of a Strong School Culture Peggy Scott
Ten to Teen Tips to Avoid Tech Integration Frustration Justin Tarte
Speaking Out Champions for Fitness Patty Cote (Article available to the public.)
It’s the Law Food Allergies: Nuts? Perry Zirkel
Postscript Relationships Are Key to Common Core Success Gail Connelly (Article available to the public.)

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