Principal September/October 2020: Adapting to Change

The rapid spread of coronavirus has forced school closures and introduced a new normal to schooling. How can principals lead through changing circumstances while ensuring educational equity for all students? What other changes to “traditional” school structures may lie ahead? This issue addresses recovering learning loss, SEL for students and teachers, and best practices for virtual learning.

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This issue of Principal is also accompanied by a special Leading Lessons focused on "Advocating for Equity." Read more



Bold Action for Challenging Times
Remote and on-site principal coaching can prepare educators to handle rapid change
Michael Chirichello

Accentuate the Positive
Redefine coaching to support teachers and alleviate stress
Sherry St. Clair

Boost Student Agency
Are you ready for students to exercise their voice as stakeholders in their own educations?
Tanji Reed Marshall and Barbara Pape

Leading and Learning in a Remote Setting
Educators must be intentional about online learning to advance equity
Thomas C. Murray

Turning Losses Into Wins
The pandemic’s sudden disruption offers schools an opportunity to address longstanding inequities in instruction and support
Jason Mendenhall


From the Editor
New Year, New Principal
Kaylen Tucker, Ph.D.

First Bell
Tracking chronic absences in lockdown; COVID slide or COVID slowdown; and more

Bulletin Board
NAESP news and aligned resources that Advocate for, Strengthen, and Support principals

APs Rising
Shared Labor
A leadership team discusses how to “activate” APs to handle the everyday realities of running a school

Women in Leadership
Better Together
Competition and jealousy won’t help female leaders get ahead

Show & Tell
Linda Townsend-Johnson
New Mexico principal helps kids build “happy hearts”

The SEL Spot
The Pros of Prosocial
Focusing on positive behaviors benefits student well-being and achievement

Strong Foundations
Working Smarter for Literacy
School overhauls reading instruction after data shows students lagging

Exploring Equity
Adapt or Perish
A mindset that embraces change is crucial to building equitable schools

Discovery Zone
Kids Just Want to Have Fun
Inclusive playgrounds offer agency to children with sensory processing issues

Legal Lessons
The Student Body Politic
What to do when kids express themselves through activism at school

From the Field
Member voices on keeping racial equity at the forefront

Exit Pass
Be Bold in Times of Uncertainty
L. Earl Franks, Ed.D., CAE