Principal May/June 2020: Big Ideas in Education

This special issue of Principal is guest edited by NAESP Center for Innovative
Leadership fellows Andy Jacks and Hamish Brewer. Jacks and Brewer have been giving a voice to principals across the nation through their popular video podcast series. In it, they surface solutions to common challenges and uncover how principals are overcoming obstacles in unique and innovative ways.

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This issue of Principal is also accompanied by a special Leading Lessons poster (between pages 22 and 23).


Passion Projects
Educators discuss the goals for their schools and the innovations they use to help meet them
Krysia Gabenski

Fresh From the Field
Educators across the country share some of their most effective innovations

It’s Not the Box—It’s What Happens Inside the Box
Educators must explore innovations that build students’ problem-solving skills
Hamish Brewer

Plan to Innovate With All Kids in Mind
Never let a new program be more important than the students who will be using it
Andy Jacks

Put Tech to the Test
Certification can narrow the search for effective, research-based edtech products
Christina Luke

Policy Push
How to advocate for the principal profession and speak up for schools
Danny Carlson

Next-Generation Teaching
Prepare for and embrace Gen Z’s differences to get the most from novice practitioners
Silvia Breiburd

She’s the Boss
Female administrators reveal what it’s like to be in a school leadership position
Kaylen Tucker and Rachael George


From the Editor
Principals Think Big
Kaylen Tucker, Ph.D.

Nuggets of research, policy, and practice to keep you informed

5 Things
What you need to know about the association that has your back

In the Spotlight
Janel O. Scurlock: Results-Oriented

Practitioner’s Corner
This Is Us
Inclusiveness and instructional support help students with special needs and others excel

Best Practice
Chartered Territory
Charter schools are using their autonomy and flexibility to innovate wraparound services

Early Career
Across Reading Domains
What to look for in a balanced literacy classroom

The Reflective Principal
Hearing What They’re Saying
Listening is the key to improving student achievement and staff relationships

School Law
I Can’t Hear You When You Shout
Dealing with parents who go too far in communications with school staff

Principal’s Bookshelf
Career First
A review of Putting Teachers First by Brad Johnson

Speaking Out
Missing From Class
Almost 6 million U.S. students don’t attend a public, private, or home school

Parents & Schools
Golden Opportunities
Wraparound services can help children whose primary caregivers are grandparents

Unexpected Opportunities
L. Earl Franks, Ed.D., CAE