Students Support Homeless Veterans

American Student Council Association programs collected nearly $7,000 in personal care items to be donated to veterans in need. That’s a lot of toothbrushes!

The NAESP American Student Council Association (ASCA) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs teamed up this fall for the End Veteran Homelessness Challenge.

ASCA programs across the country competed to see whose school could collect the most personal care and household items to be donated to veterans in need. In the end, the schools collected nearly $7,000 worth of items. That includes 881 toothbrushes, 746 socks, 428 tubes of toothpaste, 557 bars of soap and bottles of body wash, and many more items.

Leading the charge were students at Henry Zarrow International School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, collecting over $2,000 worth of items. Not far behind them were students at Carrollwood Day School in Tampa, Florida, collecting over $1,500 worth of items.

The top two schools won prize packs for their hard work and dedication to helping homeless veterans. All schools that participated will automatically qualify as an ASCA Student Council of Excellence.