NAESP Statement of Support for STOP School Violence Act

Legislation would provide grants to fund training programs and technology to prevent school violence.

Media Advisory
Kaylen Tucker, NAESP

Alexandria, Va.—Mar. 6, 2018—The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) announces its support for the STOP School Violence Act of 2018, which was introduced in the U.S. Senate on March 5, 2018. The bill would direct $50 million in Department of Justice grants for training and technology to help school personnel, local law enforcement, and students identify and intervene to stop dangerous or violent activities.

“We must do all we can to ensure that schools are safe learning environments for all students,” said NAESP’s executive director, Dr. L. Earl Franks, CAE. “The STOP School Violence Act is commonsense, bipartisan legislation that would provide critical resources to principals and school personnel to help stop school violence before it happens. NAESP will continue to advocate for a comprehensive approach to preventing school violence, including increased funding to address school safety and mental health.”

Overview of STOP School Violence Act

As part of its push to improve school safety, NAESP supports efforts to ensure school personnel and local law enforcement have the appropriate tools and training to take proactive steps in school safety initiatives. The STOP School Violence Act would help schools invest in early intervention and prevention programs, and technology. Specifically, the legislation would provide:

  • Prevention Training: Funding for training to prevent student violence against others and self, including training for local law enforcement officers, school personnel, and students. Prevention training would be designed to give students and school personnel the ability to recognize and respond quickly to warning signs of school violence, and would include active shooter training.
  • Technology: Funding for technology and equipment to improve school security and prevent attacks, including the development and operation of anonymous reporting systems.
  • Threat Assessment and Crisis Intervention Teams: Funding for school threat assessment and crisis intervention teams, so that school personnel can respond to threats before they materialize.
  • Coordination with Law Enforcement: Funding to support law enforcement coordination efforts, and in particular, those officers who already staff schools.

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