NAESP's State Affiliates

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NAESP State Affiliates


Advocacy, state to federal—protecting your interests
Career support—legal and professional
Insight and best practices—for and by principals at all levels
State & national networks—a vast professional community
Resources at your fingertips—online, 24/7
Focus on pre-K-8 principals—the support you need

Check the list below for a link to your state's affiliate association and join today!

J = Joint State (occupation in a joint state requires membership at both the state and national levels)
N = Non-Joint State (membership in a non-joint state can include membership in the state affiliate, in NAESP, or both.)

When available, the links associated with each state affiliate's name will direct you to their specific website. If a state affiliate does not have a website, the contact information of the State Representative is provided.

Alabama (N): Alabama Association of Elementary School Administrators/CLAS 
Alaska (J): Alaska Association of Elementary School Principals 
Arizona (N): Arizona School Administrators
Arkansas (N): Arkansas Association of Elementary School Principals/AAEA 
California (N): Association of California School Administrators 
Colorado (N): Colorado Association of School Executives/CAESP 
Connecticut (N): Connecticut Association of Schools 
Delaware (N): Delaware Association of School Principals/DASA 
District of Columbia (N): District of Columbia Association of Elementary School Principals 
Florida (J): Florida Association of Elementary & Middle School Principals/FASA 
Georgia (N): Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals/GAEL 
Hawaii (J): Hawaii Elementary & Middle School Administrators' Association 
Idaho (J): Idaho Association of Elementary School Principals/IASA 
Illinois (N): Illinois Principals Association 
Indiana (N): Indiana Association of School Principals 
Iowa (N): School Administrators of Iowa 
Kansas (N): United School Administrators of Kansas/KAESP 
Kentucky (N): Kentucky Association of Elementary School Principals/KASA 
Louisiana (N): Louisiana Association of Principals 
Maine (N): Maine Principals' Association 
Maryland (J): Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals 
Massachusetts (N): Massachusetts School Administrators’ Association
Michigan (J): Michigan Elementary & Middle School Principals Association 
Minnesota (N): Minnesota Elementary School Principals' Association 
Mississippi (J): Mississippi Association of Elementary School Administrators, Inc. 
Missouri (N): Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals 
Montana (J): School Administrators of Montana/SAM 
Nebraska (N): Nebraska Association of Elementary School Principals/NCSA
Nevada (N): Nevada Association of Elementary School Principals/NASA 
New Hampshire (N): New Hampshire Association of School Principals 
New Jersey (N): New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association 
New Mexico (J): New Mexico Association of Elementary School Principals 
New York (N): School Administrators Association of New York State 
North Carolina (N): North Carolina Principals & Assistant Principals Association 
North Dakota (N): North Dakota Association of Elementary School Principals/NDCEL 
Ohio (N): Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators 
Oklahoma (N): Oklahoma Association of Elementary School Principals/CCOSA 
Oregon (N): Confederation of Oregon School Administrators/OESPA 
Pennsylvania (J): Pennsylvania Principals Association 
Rhode Island (J): Rhode Island Association of School Principals 
South Carolina (N) : South Carolina Association of School Administrators 
South Dakota (N): South Dakota Association of Elementary School Principals/SASD 
Tennessee (J): Tennessee Principals Association 
Texas (N): Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association 
Utah (N): Utah Association of Elementary School Principals 
Vermont (N): Vermont Principals’ Association 
Virginia (J): Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals 
Washington (J): Association of Washington School Principals 
West Virginia (J): West Virginia Association of Elementary & Middle School Principals 
Wisconsin (N): Association of Wisconsin School Administrators, Inc.
Wyoming (J): Wyoming Association of Elementary & Middle School Principals 

International Associations
Tri-Association: Association of American Schools of Central America, Colombia - Caribbean and Mexico (Tri-Association)
Primary Principals' Association of the Bahamas (PPAB)

Questions? Contact the NAESP Member Service Center toll-free at 800-386-2377 or