Early Career Principals Webinar: How to Crush It as an Early Career Principal

I’ll admit it. I’ve almost left the education field before. Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem worth it. Drowning under a sea of paperwork. Trying to cautiously weave through school politics. At times, it all feels like it’s too much. But then, a bright-eyed student runs up to me for a high-five, and immediately, I remember what it’s all about. Like you I have had some good advice and some advice that was outdated and stale. In this webinar we are going to discuss strategies and tools you can use to succeed as an early career principal and have a well-balanced life outside of your job. Join Adam Welcome in sharing tips for being happy, productive and making a lasting impact on your school community.

Participants will:

  • Learn strategies for effective time management.
  • Gain keys for building strong relationships.
  • Discuss ways for empowering your teachers.
  • Learn how to project your voice.

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