Aspiring Principals Webinar: Opening the Door to the Principalship

Are you ready to take the next step to being a building principal? This webinar will dive into several components to help you open the door and get noticed in this endeavor. Understanding the shift from teacher to administrator is the first step to determine readiness. In addition, we will examine several areas to help you not only secure the interview but also perform well in that interview. Register today and let us help you answer some of the questions below!

Participants will explore:

  • Know your why: Why do you want to make this shift, and do you REALLY know what you are signing up for? Are you at a point in your career that makes this the best time for a transition to an administrative role?
  • Make the cut: What are some ways you can build experience and set yourself apart from other applicants that will help you secure the interview?
  • Show up and stand out: Once you have the interview, what can you do to illustrate your fit to the building and in the district?

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