A Principal’s Guide To Leading During A Pandemic: Family Engagement Strategies And Resources

Schools in the U.S. are navigating uncharted territory. Depending on the school, students may be attending school in-person, participating in a hybrid model, or beginning the year in a completely virtual learning environment. No matter the learning model, strong partnerships with families are more important than ever. It is critical for principals to help teachers make a positive, personal connection with parents and guardians—especially during the uncertainty surrounding the changes this school year. To help principals navigate these uncertain times and ensure strong, enduring relationships with families, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, Learning Heroes, and the National PTA are excited to release “A Principal’s Guide to Leading in the Time of a Pandemic: Effective Family Engagement Strategies and Resources.” Join us for a discussion to learn more about how the Principal’s Guide can help principals support their staff as they work toward effective two-way communication.

The presentation will include:

  • A discussion of best practices and resources for ways principals and their staff can effectively partner with families during uncertain times.
  • Insights from national parent research to inform principals’ work.
  • Sharing of effective strategies to engage families that reduce barriers and ensure families have the right resources and information about their student’s learning.

This event has passed.  View the archived resource.