Principal Magazine

2019-2020 Editorial Calendar

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Sept/Oct 2019: Personalized Learning—This issue will focus on customizing learning experiences to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Articles in this issue will address new technology solutions, flexible leaning spaces, and teaching strategies. The issue will also include a special section on learning supports for English-language learners. 
Submissions due: May 24

Nov/Dec 2019: Leading Learning Communities—Leading an effective school means more than reaching academic achievement gains. Principals should set a schoolwide vision of success, prioritize human relationships, lead for equity, and focus on student learning, achievement, and well-being. This issue topic is inspired by NAESP’s newly released Leading Learning Communities standards document.
Submissions due: June 21

Jan/Feb 2020: Special Education—This issue will focus on principal support of students with disabilities. Articles in this issue will focus on equity and inclusion, engaging parents in student support, individualized education programs (IEPs), assistive technology, and classroom strategies like how to provide students with disabilities more time. 
Submissions due: August 23

March/April 2020: Wraparound Services & Community Schools—Providing children with counseling, health care, nourishment and other resources in school is increasingly seen as a way to address challenges can that affect learning. Articles in this issue will address the impact wraparound services are having in schools, and what indicates their success or failure in underperforming or Title I settings.
Submissions due: Oct. 25

May/June 2020: Big Ideas—Guest-edited by Center for Innovative Leadership (CIL) fellows Hamish Brewer and Andy Jacks, this issue focuses on innovative, transformational practices in areas such as space utilization, new media, and microcredentialing that are helping principals drive ongoing improvement in school and student performance. 
Submissions due: Dec. 20

Principal magazine also seeks articles on the following topics: early career principals, assistant principals, aligning pre-k-3 learning experiences, social-emotional learning, school safety, and equity.

*Topics are subject to change