Tried That! What’s Next? Tiered Support for Students

Session notes from “Tried That! What’s Next? Tiered Support for Students,” presented by Amy Niemeier.

What was the speaker’s main message?

Tier 1: Core/all student, 75-80%

Tier 2: Strategic support

Tier 3: Intense Intervention

What was the speaker’s best quote?

“Discipline isn’t something you do to children; it’s something you develop within them.”- Dr. Becky Bailey

What were the top ideas from the session?

Tier 1 supports

  • Schoolwide brain smart start (Get on the bus to greet students every morning, morning announcements, end with slogan, and schoolwide music to get kids moving)
  • School family assemblies (Celebrations)
  • Schoolwide buddies
  • New and moving student rituals
  • End-of-the-year rituals
  • Schoolwide visuals (Visuals work in right hemisphere of brain, which is the self-regulation side of brain)
  • Feeling Buddies curriculum (What is your curriculum to teach about self-regulation and citizenship?)

Tier 2 Supports

  • All staff and students have a job
  • Being of Service: Jobs (Pencil sharpening, custodial help, work in another classroom)
  • “I Love You” Rituals
  • Visuals (Visual schedules individualized
  • Sensory menu, breaks, celebrations
  • Area with sensory items (different weights, textures, toys):  Body sock, canoe, laundry basket

Tier 3 Supports

  • Pair Tier 3 students to Tier 3 students: Tier 3 buddies (Exhibit same types of struggles/can be different grade levels)
  • Mentor Mii (get Involved and Inspire): Community members come in and work with students
    • Every Wednesday morning, breakfast, games, and connection
      • First/Then
      • Time with a trusted, caring adult in the building
      • Social stories
      • Social Skills Groups
      • Yoga and Meditation
      • Rage Path
    • CARE Team (Connecting and Recovery Environment)

What is one strategy that you will implement immediately?

Create sensory maze in the hallway

What are resources you will check out?

Conscious Discipline by Dr. Becky Bailey (

Notes by Tiffany Rehbein, principal, Bain Elementary School in Cheyenne, Wyoming.