Modeling Differentiation—For Students and Teachers

Coaching and Supporting Teachers in Differentiated Instruction
Betty Hollas
Sunday, April 10, 12-2 p.m., Convention Center, 1st Floor, Room 24-25

Is differentiated instruction making it into each of your classrooms? How do you know? As principals trying to be instructional leaders, we have to make sure we understand the change we are trying to implement.  Differentiation is hard to wrap your arms around because it is not a program. Therefore, there must be a shared understanding of what its principles are and how it looks in the classroom. This session will explore exactly what needs to be occurring in the classroom were the diverse needs of learners are being addressed.

Coaching also addresses how to strategically help your teachers meet their diverse needs. After all, if differentiation is what we want occurring in the classroom, then we need to model differentiation through our coaching.

—Betty Hollas