Conference Kicks Off Celebrating a Century of NAESP

NAESP is honoring its 100th anniversary at the first general session of this year's conference in Chicago.

This year, NAESP is proud to celebrate 100 years of service, leadership, and advocacy for elementary and middle-level principals. On this landmark occasion, we embrace our rich history and generate momentum toward our exciting future. We want you to engage, celebrate, and serve, as we raise awareness about our great profession and enshrine a proud legacy for future generations.

Take a closer look through the “100 Years of Service” interactive website.

Take a look at our evolution over time with the people who have helped the association grow, the events and programs that help prepare and recognize principals, and the persistent steps taken towards the future even when facing turbulent times.

To celebrate NAESP and its profound impact, NAESP presents “100 Years of Service”—an interactive timeline for the past 100 years. Historical documents, selected works, and significant moments from NAESP history are woven together in pictures that represent the services, supports, successes, contributions, and leadership for Pre-K–8 principals.

Take a journey through our past and experience the unwavering passion and commitment of principals through this interactive website.

How to Celebrate

  • Social Media Toolkit: NAESP is inviting its members and partners to help spread the word about the association’s 100th anniversary—and our social media toolkit makes it easy for you to do that. Find the sample posts and downloadable graphics to share on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. NAESP members are the reason we’ve been making strides in education for 100 years. Use #ACenturyOfNAESP to weave your personal experiences of membership and leadership into the overall story of our rich history as an association.
  • NAESP Tribute Video: We asked our members what being a part of NAESP means to them—and they answered with heartfelt memories that not only helped them succeed as school leaders but also gave them a support network like no other. This video montage features NAESP members and longtime partners sharing their love for their association, highlighting favorite moments as members, and wishing us a happy 100th anniversary.
  • Buy an NAESP Blanket: Show off your NAESP pride with a plush blanket. Celebrating 100 years of NAESP, these branded blankets feature the 100-year anniversary logo and the NAESP logo and are available for purchase. It’s for a good cause, too. Your generosity supports the NAESP Foundation’s mission to provide resources and services to principals, funding for education initiatives, research and influencing education policy.