Celebrating Leaders, Shaping Futures: Honoring Our Middle-Level Educators

All March, during Middle-Level Education Month, we turn the spotlight on a group of educators who play a crucial role in guiding learners through some of their most formative years: middle school educators.

March brings with it a sense of renewal, a hint of spring, and a very special observance that lies close to the heart of our educational community—Middle-Level Education Month. This month, we turn the spotlight on a group of educators who play a crucial role in guiding learners through some of their most formative years: middle school principals and assistant principals.

Middle school is a pivotal time in students’ lives. It’s a phase of transformation, challenge, and immense growth. The leaders in these schools are tasked not just with administrative duties but also with shaping the future one student at a time. They are the architects of school culture, the champions of innovative learning, and the staunch advocates for every student’s right to a safe and robust educational environment.

A Tribute to Dedication and Innovation

It takes a special kind of dedication to lead at the middle level. Our principals and assistant principals wear many hats. They build bridges with parents, foster collaboration among teachers, and create environments where students can discover their passions and unlock their potential.

The stories of leadership in our middle schools are countless. From pioneering STEM programs to spearheading anti-bullying campaigns, these leaders go above and beyond to ensure their schools are places where students can thrive.

The Heart of Middle-Level Education Month

This March, NAESP is joining the celebration to recognize these individuals throughout Middle-Level Education Month. We’re inviting everyone—students, teachers, parents, and fellow administrators—to join us in putting a spotlight on the hard work and passion of our middle-level educators, especially including NAESP’s own middle-level school leaders.

Throughout the month, we will be sharing stories, resources, and opportunities to highlight the exceptional work being done in our middle schools. From professional learning opportunities to recognition campaigns, Middle-Level Education Month is about providing a platform for these leaders to connect, learn, and be celebrated.

NAESP Middle-Level Resources 

As we celebrate leadership and the vibrant future you help to craft, let’s reflect on the milestones we’ve achieved together and the exciting opportunities on the horizon.  

  • The NAESP Center for Middle-Level Leadership Community of Practice, hosted by NAESP Center for Middle-Level Leaders fellows Todd Brist and Jessica Cabeen, is a treasure trove of resources, discussions, and collaborations that underpin our shared vision for middle-level education. Make plans now to join the next Middle-Level Meetup.  
  • To better meet the distinct needs of middle-level principals and add additional resources and support, NAESP established a Middle-Level Think Tank. This innovative initiative brings together experienced middle-level leaders, education experts, and stakeholders to collaborate, share best practices, and develop resources specifically tailored to the middle grades. NAESP wants to hear from you about how we can better serve our middle-level leaders. Take this short survey. 
  • NAESP’s suite of print and digital publications, videos and webinars, and podcast episodes feature all sorts of best practices and insights into leading the middle level. Search the Resource Hub for content specifically tailored just to your unique leadership journey.  
  • Let’s not forget the Middle-Level Leadership Matters blog series—a mosaic of insights and success stories from your fellow leaders. Each entry serves as a source of inspiration and a reminder of the transformative leadership that propels our schools forward. Write about the middle level for NAESP. 

Join the Celebration

As we celebrate Middle-Level Education Month, let’s unite in a chorus of gratitude and recognition. Post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn with #MLEM and share why you are proud to be part of the middle-level education community.

Not a middle-level educator? Join the celebration by showing your appreciation for the middle-level principals and assistant principals who have made a difference in your life or the lives of students.

Let’s flood the digital world with our stories of leadership, innovation, and the heartfelt pride that comes from serving our middle-level learners. Together, let’s honor the individuals who are not just managing schools but shaping futures. Celebrate with us, engage with us, and help us spread the word.

Krysia Gabenski is editorial director at NAESP.