Social and Emotional Learning

Principals have embraced the need for increased emphasis on social-emotional learning because they know it will benefit all students and have profound effects on student learning. That is why NAESP is pushing for the advancement of funding and programming that promotes social and emotional learning and provides support to principals so that it can be integrated into practice.


Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps students build skills, habits and mindsets that provide a critical foundation for success in school and life. When SEL is effectively integrated into classroom practice, students understand how to manage emotions, set goals, empathize with others, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

NAESP believes that:

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Principals must establish a positive school climate and culture that nurtures the emotional, mental, social, and physical safety of each member of the school community;

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School culture, climate, and social and emotional development should support equity and diversity for all students; and

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Federal and state funding should include SEL and other elements of positive school culture.

Take Action

NAESP works to advance social-emotional learning programs that help achieve positive academic, interpersonal, and mental health outcomes for students.

Visit NAESP’s Advocacy Action Center to see how you can support your students and school.

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