About NAESP's Advocacy Program

The voice of principals must be heard in the current national discourse about the state of education. NAESP's Advocacy and Government Relations team has taken great care to build partnerships with the Department of Education, the White House, and members of Congress based on civil discourse: We only support decisions and policy recommendations when they serve the interests of elementary and middle-level principals, and we present vigorous, but respectful, disagreement when they do not, offering instead constructive and informed alternatives.

Current NAESP Advocacy Priorities

  • Secure federal funding for professional development and mentoring programs that will strengthen principals' knowledge of early childhood education.
  • Require models of school improvement reform to judge principals based on training, expertise, and time afforded in the school building rather than simply relying on student assessment scores.

Recruiting, Preparing and Building the Capacity of Effective Principals: Eight Evidence-Based Recommendations for Federal Policymaking









Leadership Matters, a joint NASSP/NAESP report compiling years of compelling research on school leadership, aims to debunk once and for all the notion that principals and assistant principals have only a tangential effect on student and school success. The conclusion is clear: School leaders are a vital component of successful school environments, and their voices deserve to be heard.




The following research was referenced to develop NAESP’s policy recommendations: