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Mailing Address: NAESP |1615 Duke Street | Alexandria, VA 22314

Office hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time
Phone: toll-free 800-386-2377 or 703-684-3345
Fax: toll-free 800-396-2377 or 703-549-5568

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NAESP Executive Leadership Team

Gail Connelly, NAESP Executive Director x250

Kara Boyer, Executive Projects Coordinator x268

Ernie Mannino, NAESP Deputy Executive Director x289

Jennifer Shannon, Governance Services Manager x286

Patrick Murphy, Senior Associate Executive Director, Administration & Finance x242

Bhairavi Shethna, Controller x241
Cynthia Barnaby, Senior Accountant x243
Cynthia Demery, Membership Processing Coordinator x247

NAESP Strategic Management Team

Leading Vision
Kelly Pollitt, Associate Executive Director, Policy, Public Affairs & Special Projects x245

Kaylen Tucker, Assistant Executive Director, Public Affairs and Communications x257
Meredith Barnett, Public Affairs Associate x261
Ned Colbert, Communications Assistant x253

Learning Vision

Deborah Young, Assistant Executive Director, Conferences and Exhibits x296
Harold Harris, Director, Bookstores and Related Services x244
Nancy Sharbel, Professional Projects Manager x255
Honor Fede, NPBEA Project Manager  x256

Communities Vision
Will Jarred, Associate Executive Director, Membership, Marketing & Development x248

Ann Henley, Assistant Executive Director, Membership & Affiliate Services x279
Nikki Sparks, Membership & Marketing Services Coordinator x264

NAESP Consultants

Carol Riley, Development Specialist x271
Elizabeth Bailey, Principal, 2B Communications
Richard Barbacane, IDEA Partnership Specialist 
Chuck Becker, Tech Assistant x259
Kris Kurtenbach, Collaborative Communications Group

NAESP Foundation
Ernest Mannino, Chief Executive Officer x289

Kara Boyer, Projects Coordinator x268
Cynthia Barnaby, Senior Accountant x243

NAESP Foundation Consultants

Richard Barbacane, Liaison with Dept. of State Office of Overseas Schools
Margaret Evans, Project Manager
Darlene Pierce, Project Manager x278