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2017-2018 Editorial Calendar

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Sept/Oct 2017: Public Schools & Choice—Amidst the national conversation about charter schools and vouchers, this issue will provide a primer on choice models. It will also shine a light on some public school choice programs, such as magnet schools and the International Baccalaureate Program, as well as address some of the associated matters like busing and sleep time, school marketing, and school re-segregation.
Copy due: June 23, 2017

Nov/Dec 2017: Comprehensive Literacy Instruction—The mission is clear: reading proficiency by third grade. In addition to addressing digital literacy and reading across the curriculum, this issue will provide guidance on how to evaluate literacy instruction, how to provide effective feedback to teachers, how to select a good literacy program, and how to create a literacy culture. Articles may also address literacy leadership, cultural literacy, and tiers of evidence.
Copy due: July 14, 2017

Jan/Feb 2018: A New Paradigm for Comprehensive Learning—Ensuring that all students receive a well-rounded and complete education is a foundational element of the Every Student Succeeds Act. This issue will focus on the current issues surrounding aligning pre-K-3 education; inclusive instructional approaches such as global education; and addressing adverse childhood experiences with trauma informed practices and measuring social-emotional learning. Articles may also address physical education and the use of mindfulness techniques.
Copy due: Sept. 8, 2017

March/April 2018: Urban, Suburban, Rural, and Frontier—This issue will shine a light on various types of school communities, providing strategies for universal challenges such as parent engagement, afterschool and summer learning, technology and broadband connectivity, teacher recruiting and retention, poverty, and wrap-around services.
Copy due: Nov. 3, 2017

May/June 2018: PLNs & Mentoring Connections—Formal mentoring programs are gaining prominence, especially as states and districts seek to bolster teachers and school leaders. And teachers and principals alike are finding informal support through professional learning networks. This issue will address research about, best practices for, and best uses of mentoring and professional learning networks. Articles will address digital technologies that facilitate connecting and professional learning for diverse groups of educational leaders.
Copy due: Jan. 15, 2018

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