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Dept. of Ed: No Across-the-Board Cuts to Education for 2012-2013

Dept. states that sequestration "should not upset planning and hiring decisions."

Principals Urge ESEA Reauth on Capitol Hill

K-8 principal leaders from around the nation are gathering on Capitol Hill today to demand more support for school leaders.

Draft Appropriations Bill Would Cut Education Funding

House bill would slice U.S. Department of Education by $1 billion and eliminate Race to the Top.

NAESP Calls for “Balanced Approach” to Funding Cuts

Nearly 3,000 groups come together to send message to Congress.

NAESP Co-Publishes Book by Yong Zhao

Thought leader advises principals on educating creative and entrepreneurial students.

Five More States Granted NCLB Waivers

Arkansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Utah and Virginia have received waivers from No Child Left Behind.

NAESP Supports Anti-Bullying Caucus

Spurred by the growing national conversation about bullying, Congress has launched a bipartisan Anti-Bullying Caucus.

Iowa Denied NCLB Waiver

Iowa is the first state to be a denied a waiver by the Department of Education.

Updated! NAESP Supports Amendment to Clarify Cuts

Confused about the impact of looming education budget cuts? Clarification is on the way.

Senate Boosts Funding for Title I, IDEA

Proposed budget includes modest increases to education funding—but the House has to act, too.

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