Vicki L. Vaughn
Bethesda Christian School
Council for American Private Education and
Association of Christian Schools International
Fort Worth, Texas

When Vicki Vaughn rose to the principalship of Bethesda Christian School, her first initiative for school improvement centered on student discipline. She developed a tool for teachers that supports a focus on recognizing desired classroom behaviors, such as diligence, attentiveness, and obedience. The new classroom management system has been instrumental in creating a learning environment where students can excel, says Vaughn. To extend its successful results beyond her school, Vaughn has trademarked and sold the system to other private schools in 40 states nationwide and five countries. In 2008, a version for public schools was introduced. “Funds generated from the sales of this system will eventually fund an endowment for our teachers,” says Vaughn. She also has created a series of resources for parents to help them understand their children’s learning strengths and challenges. Vaughn arrived at Bethesda Christian School in 1985, serving first as a vice principal and teacher. As principal, she led the addition of a middle school and high school on campus. She has held her current position as the school’s kindergarten through grade 12 principal since 1996. With a current student enrollment of 426, the school boasts standardized test scores in the top 10 percent of the nation for all grade levels. Vaughn holds a B.F.A. from the University of Texas at Arlington and an M.Ed. from Texas Christian University.