Thomas B. Starratt
Boynton Middle School
Mascenic Regional School District/SAU 87
New Ipswich, New Hampshire

A year after becoming principal of Boynton Middle School in 2005, Thomas Starratt and his staff began restructuring the rural school. They created a mentoring program for students, a mentoring program for new teachers, and an after-school study lab program. They lengthened the school day and shortened the school year. These changes provided opportunities to reinforce lessons within school days. What’s more, they established and trained a team of staff members to use assessment data to advance academic achievement throughout the school. They then documented their successes using a “balanced scorecard” like those used by many businesses to track organizational results. Boynton Middle School currently has an enrollment of 390 students in grades 5 through 8. Starratt has led four other middle schools in his career as a principal. In his previous principalship, he secured a five-year federal grant to fund the training and supervision needs for a comprehensive student mentoring program. Starratt has since written numerous other grants to support school needs. Another notable accomplishment of his career involved creating a program to support students with military parents deployed to Bosnia. The series of activities for students and their families “helped to keep them engaged with positive activities that reinforced their social skills,” says Starratt. He earned a B.S. from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and an M.S. from the University of New Hampshire.