NAESP Article Submission Categories

Before you begin writing, read a sample issue of Principal to get an idea of what the editors are looking for—practical, jargon-free articles that address a variety of educational issues from a principal's perspective. Articles can fall into several distinct categories:

  • Theme articles. These articles provide a current, substantive, and informative perspective for each issue’s chosen theme. 1,500-2,000 words. See example.
  • Feature articles. These articles address educational issues not covered by the magazine's theme. Some recent feature articles focused on supporting student teachers, principal autonomy, and chronic absence. 1,500-2,000 words. See example.
  • Research Report: Among our feature articles is an occasional series of research-based articles that address recent education research.1,500-2,000 words. See example.
  • Principal's Bookshelf: Each issue has reviews of books principals might find interesting, written by the magazine's editorial advisors. Approx. 375 words. See example. If you'd like to become an editorial advisor and write a book review, visit our editorial advisors page to apply.
  • Departments: These are shorter articles of 800-1,000 words that fall into the following categories:

Parents & Schools: An article that offers advice to principals on maximizing relationships between parents and schools. See example.

Practitioner’s Corner: A practical solution to a problem principals face. See example.

Reflective Principal: An article giving insight into a principal’s experience. See example.

Ten to Teen: The special needs and characteristics of leading middle schools. See example.

Innovation: An article about cutting edge developments in education that principals should learn about. See example.

Speaking Out: Presents a strong argument on a controversial topic and asks readers to share their thoughts and opinions. See example.

Raising the Bar: An article providing details about how a principal shaped long-term improvement in his/her school. See example.

*Principal's Bookshelf: Reviews of books worth reading for principals.
*Book reviews are written by our editorial advisers. Visit our editorial advisers page to find out more and apply.

Letters to the Editor. Let us know what you think about a recent issue of the magazine by submitting a letter to the editor to

Note: Articles submitted to be published in Principal will also be considered for NAESP's Communicator and Report to Parents.