Special Education and Inclusive Strategies
November/December 2008 Table of Contents

Judith A. Green
Now is a critical time for principals and special educators to work together to serve the needs of all children.
Inclusion shouldn't be seen as a threat to a school's learning environment.

An Illinois school found an effective way to provide intervention and enrichment by redesigning its master schedule.

Know what to look for and ask during the selection process.
Inclusion Programming for Students With Autism
Belinda W. Crisman
Although autism varies from one child to another, this inclusion program works for all.

Research Report:
Learning Strategies as a Key to Student Success
Nancy Protheroe and Suzanne Clarke
Teaching metacognitive skills to students, including those with learning disabilities, improves their academic performance.
The Elephant on the Playground
Jill Vialet
Every principal knows that recess can be hell. But it doesn't have to be.

Novice Teachers: Meeting the Challenge
Patricia Martin
It can take two years of full-time mentoring to develop and retain effective teachers.


From the Editors
Meeting the Challenges of Special Education
Vanessa St. Gerard and Kaylen Tucker

Parents & Schools
Working With Parent Diversity – John H. Wherry
Bonus Web Resource: Diversity Survey Summary
Autism Spectrum Disorders – Perry A. Zirkel

Canaries in the Coal Mine – Gail Connelly


Practitioner's Corner
Putting a Human Face on Data
Mark J. Stock
Meeting Each Student's Needs
Pete Hall and Taj Jensen
Principal’s Bookshelf
Evaluating Programs to Increase Student Achievment (2nd ed.)
Martin H. Jason
Reviewed by Robert Heath
Leading Dynamic Schools: How to Create and Implement Ethical Policies
Sharon F. Rallis, Gretchen B. Rossman, Casey D. Cobb, Timothy G. Reagan, and Aaron Kuntz
Reviewed by Jim Warnock
The Reflective Principal
Surviving the Journey
Louis Watts

Ten to Teen
Does Your School Need a SWAT Team?
Lucy Miller-Ganfield
Speaking Out
Good Teachers Don't Need Research-based Programs
Carolyn Bunting


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