Robyn M. Conrad
Playa del Rey Elementary School
Gilbert Public Schools
Gilbert, Arizona

Robyn Conrad’s weekly schedule reflects both her full workload and her ability to balance her professional leadership responsibilities. She typically spends two days in classrooms in order to observe and coach her school staff members. She spends two days in her conference-room-style office to meet with parents, staff, and students and complete administrative paperwork. And she uses one day for outside meetings related to her district- and state-level professional commitments. Conrad assumed the principalship of Playa del Rey Elementary 10 years ago. Under her leadership, the suburban pre-kindergarten through grade 6 school of 625 students has earned state recognition for demonstrating continuous improvement in academic performance over several years, offering a positive and welcoming environment conducive to student learning, and serving as a community center. Early in Conrad’s tenure, she established homework and computer clubs to engage students in learning and provide extra support for some to complete work before the start of the school day. She has fostered relationships among students and staff members because “this is a key aspect of student success,” she says. She also has supported opportunities for students to expand and apply their learning through activities such as science camp, oceanography studies, and Junior Achievement. Conrad is the current president of the Arizona School Administrators. She has a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin and master’s and doctorate degrees from Northern Arizona University.