Rhonda M. Parmer
Frazier Elementary School
Pasadena Independent School District
Houston, Texas

In recent years, Rhonda Parmer led her school to successfully implement a new bilingual program, literacy program, writing curriculum, and math program—all while serving about 300 more students than the school was built to house. During the same period, the school won state recognition for its students’ academic performance. Parmer assumed the principalship of Frazier Elementary School in 2004. The urban school now has 501 pre-kindergarten through grade 4 students. Under her leadership, the school has established a supportive climate to serve students with autism and special needs that require interventions. The school’s use of co-teachers, aides, and other classroom supports provide a model for other schools and districts. For example, having one additional staff member per grade level has enabled teachers to work with small groups of students, provide one-on-one tutoring, and closely monitor student progress. Parmer also takes pride that “our school maintains a reputation for being devoted to civic responsibility,” she says. More than 90 percent of students’ parents are actively involved in the school, and volunteers log more than 2,500 hours to assist the school each month. During the past six years, students have been involved in community service projects that have raised more than $80,000 to support local and national charities and individuals in need. Parmer received a B.S., an M.Ed., and an Ed.D. from the University of Houston in Texas.