Reneé L. BoisseauReneé L. Boisseau
Kila School 7-8
Kila, Montana

Renee Boisseau is the only administrator in her small rural school. This means she must work especially hard not to allow her school management duties to limit her role as the instructional leader. “Even though management duties are necessary to maintain daily operational efficiency of the school, educational leadership is the number-one priority,” she says. “This allows for a school culture that places student and adult learning at the center.” With this perspective, Boisseau has focused on engaging all school stakeholders to promote student achievement, cultivating a supportive school environment. She sets and maintains high expectations and brings school community members together to ensure that everyone strives toward the same goals. Boisseau has been principal of Kila School 7-8 since 1997. The school has an enrollment of 28 seventh- and eighth-grade students. Among accomplishments of her principalship, Boisseau has implemented a schoolwide model for providing differentiated instruction and interventions based on student needs. All students have individualized learning plans. Those who struggle in their learning receive research-based intervention programs, whereas others receive enhanced opportunities for challenging instruction. Boisseau also has developed a college awareness program for middle school students. Active in the Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals, she initiated a middle school representative position on the association’s board of directors. She has a B.A. and an M.Ed. from the University of Montana.