Autism Resources

The rate of children born with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has risen to 1 in 88, up from 1 in 110. As a result of the increase, schools are enrolling more students with ASD, and many principals and teachers feel inadequately prepared to provide an effective and inclusive education to these students. These resources, including the Unlocking Autism series from Principal magazine in 2011-12, are designed to help supply you with tools and information to meet the special needs of this student population.

Bullying Prevention Resources

At least 28 percent of students 12-18 are bullied at school. As much as 6 percent of students report having been threatened with harm. Maintaining a safe, nurturing school environment for students is any school leader’s top priority. These resources can help you combat bullying in your school.

Common Core State Standards Resources

In recognition of the critical role of principal leadership in the transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), NAESP has created a Common Core Resource Guide. The guide is designed to help principals determine what bodies of knowledge and skill sets they need to lead their school’s implementation of CCSS.


Arts-infused education teaches children the four Cs — communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity — skills they need to understand our increasingly interconnected world and thrive as 21st century citizens.

Mental Health

NAESP invites all elementary and middle-level principals to be a part of the conversation by engaging teachers, students, parents, and every member of the school community in meaningful conversations. Encouraging every member of your school community to come together to raise mental health awareness and ensure that student well-being is a top priority.

Middle Level

NAESP encourages you to use our middle level resources throughout the year. Our aim is to continually develop and maintain supportive public attitudes toward middle-level education.

Green Schools

Our Green Schools resources will help you answer questions such as: What exactly is a “green school”? How much does it cost? How can it help with improving student learning and engagement? Where can my school get help with starting down this path?

School Safety Resources

Turn to these top resources collected by NAESP to strengthen safety at your school. These helpful articles, websites, and checklists will help you guide your school community through the prevention, management, and aftermath of safety issues.

Seasonal Flu

Even though the severity of this flu season is hard to predict, communication is still the best medicine for keeping your school community healthy.  Access these resources to help prepare your school.