The nation needs to know!

NAESP’s voice—your voice—is being heard all around Washington, D.C., in meetings with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, in the halls of Congress, in coalitions of national associations, and on the news pages of national education publications.

NAESP is stepping away from the bully pulpit we’ve been occupying on your behalf and handing the megaphone over to you. It’s time to tell your own story.

How have you been affected by the school-improvement debate? The four turnaround models that result in the dismissal of principals? The movement to adopt common-core standards? The proposal to connect Title I funds to the adoption of common-core standards and other measures?

Send us your story. Just adhere to two guidelines:
  • Tell us your name, your-e-mail, your school, and your city and state, and
  • keep it as brief as possible—300 or so words.

We’ll sift through the stories we receive, and post some stories online, distribute them to the Department of Education, and feature them in other outreach efforts.