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Over the past month, NAESP members have expressed their views and shared their perspectives on the overall school improvement debate that is currently taking place in Washington, D.C. Members have talked about the four turnaround models that result in the dismissal of principals, the movement to adopt common-core standards, the proposal to connect Title I funds to the adoption of common-core standards and other measures. We are sharing your stories in meetings with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, in the halls of Congress, in coalitions of national associations, and on the pages of national publications. our goal is very simple: We insist that the voices of elementary and middle-level principals are heard loud and clear in school-improvement debates.

We would also like to share these stories with you, and we have divided the submitted stories into four categories, To share your story, visit "What's Your Story" and tell us how the overall school improvement debate and other factors are affecting you.

The views expressed here are not the official views of NAESP or any of its affiliates. NAESP accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information posted on these pages by others.