Principal Supplement Sept/Oct 2012: Champion Creatively Alive Children

Crayola and NAESP believe in the power of arts-infused education to create memorable, engaged learning. As a school leader, you shape the culture that encourages creativity throughout the learning community; you are the catalyst that sparks school improvement. We urge you to use the compelling evidence, profiles, and resources featured in this special supplement, “Champion Creatively Alive Children,” to start a conversation about the value of arts education, challenging your faculty to infuse art across the curriculum.

Connect With the Arts
Profiles of four schools whose principals dare to ask "What if...?

Arts Opportunity Gap
The latest research reveals a decline in arts education, and notably that high-poverty schools are least likely to offer such instruction.

From Intuition to Action
Arts-engaged principals share strategies for becoming instructional leaders for the arts.

Infusing the Arts Into Literacy & Math
Grant-winning schools provide proven examples of arts integration.

Build a Creative Leadership Team
Take a unified approach to fostering arts education in your school.

20 Promising Practices
Ideas from winners of 2011-2012 Champion Creatively Alive Children grants

Educators at eight persistently low-achieving schools seek to give new meaning to the term “turnaround artists.”