Forging Connections and Finding Resources Online

By Jessica Johnson
Principal, September/October 2012

In our small district, we don’t have a curriculum director or resources to bring in an outside source to provide professional development for all staff. But as the school leader, it’s critical that I learn the standards myself and learn from other districts that are further along with implementation.

On Twitter, my best resource, I’ve connected with a variety of principals, curriculum directors, and instructional coaches from other districts and states who have helped me learn about available resources. I’ve had several Skype chats with the leaders of districts that are further along in implementation, and I continue to gain resources and ideas from them.

Administrators have a lonely job being the only one in their buildings. But you’re not alone—your network can expand online to include a wealth of great people with great ideas.


Jessica Johnson, Principal
Dodgeland Elementary School, Juneau, Wisconsin

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