Grooming Teacher Excellence
Table of Contents
Empower Teachers Who Break the Mold
The most effective teachers often are those who dare to deviate from conventional practices.
Frances A. Miller
Robert R. Heath

Scratching the Seven-Year Itch
Help the best and brightest teachers stave off mid-career frustration and boredom.
Kim Doan and Marilyn Peters

PLCs Demystified
The culture of collaboration created by professional learning communities allows teachers to capitalize on the strengths of each faculty member.
Hanna Doerr

No Substitute Teacher Left Behind
Because substitute teachers have a big impact on student learning, principals must engage them to reach their potential.
Kevin O’Connor  

Hot Topic
Seclusion and Restraint Practices Under Scrutiny
Guidelines from the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders are issued in the wake of a federal study and congressional hearings.
Research Report
Good Homework Policy = Good Teaching
For homework to be effective, it should support educational goals,take into account the students’ abilities and needs, and strengthen the school-home link.
Nancy Protheroe

A Step-By-Step Guide to Response to Intervention
After six years of changes and challenges, RTI has had a major impact at a Florida school.
Lorrie Butler  

From the Editors
In Pursuit of Excellence

Parents & Schools
Your Best Parent Involvement Year Ever
John H. Wherry

It’s the Law
Teacher Evaluation: An Update
Perry A. Zirkel
Novel Approaches to Storytelling
Gail Connelly

Practitioner’s Corner
Inspire Learning Through Hands-On Activities
Scott Emery and Sherry Beck Paprocki

Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities
Debra Hildreth and Linda Harper

Principal’s Bookshelf
Leadership Teaming: The Superintendent-Principal Relationship by Cathie E. West and Mary Lynne Derrington
Reviewed by Melissa Patschke

Understanding Girl Bullying and What to Do About It: Strategies to Help Heal the Divide by Julaine E. Field, Jered B. Kolbert, Laura M.Crothers, and Tammy L. Hughes
Reviewed by LaQuanda Brown

The Reflective Principal
Looking Back After 40 Years
Jane Y. Coomer

Ten to Teen
Serving the Needs of Immigrant and Refugee Adolescents
David C. Virtue

Speaking Out
Let’s End the Ambiguous Role of Assistant Principals
Tamera Moore

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