Principal November/December: Doing More With Less

Down, But Not Out
Chris Hammill
Despite a hard-hit economy, educators in Michigan are finding ways to overcome the financial setbacks and maintain student achievement.

Adjusting to the New Normal
Justin Baeder
Tough budget times call for flexibility and creativity, especially when facing the loss of administrative staff.

Eye on the Prize
David Bauer
A plan using these grant-seeking strategies will help principals acquire funds for their schools.

When a School Closes
Katherine J. Toogood
Minimize the impact on students, staff, and the community with careful planning and a caring ethic.  


Positive Behavior Support for Students With Autism
Janet Fisher
Find out what makes students with autism tick to keep them in the classroom and out of the principal’s office.

The Secret to Success
Here’s your ticket to accessing an abundance of research-based best practices.


From the Editors
Extending Resources


Practitioner’s Corner
Cultivating Collaboration
Lisa Schoener

Raising the Bar
The CLIMB to Blue Ribbon
Michael Eiffe

Principal’s Bookshelf
Mentoring the Educational Leader: A Practical Framework for Success by Kimberly T. Strike and John Nickelsen
Reviewed by Kaivan Yuen

Shift Ed: A Call to Action for Transforming K-12 Education by David Houle and Jeff Cobb

Reviewed by Jacie Maslyk

The Reflective Principal
The Plane Ride
Patricia McRae

Ten to Teen
Where Have the Parents Gone?
Mark Terry

Speaking Out
Can We Get Back to Teaching?
Kyle Rhoads

Parents & Schools
Engaging ESL Parents Through Literacy
Regina R. Stewman

It’s the Law
Reduction in Force
Perry A. Zirkel

Sticks and Stones; Words and Wounds
Gail Connelly


The Generation Mix
Christine Gibson and David Gibson
Understand the differences and similarities between the various generations of your faculty.

Rethinking Elementary Science Instruction
Donna R. Sterling and Wendy M. Frazier
The factor that matters most in science program success is the commitment of the principal.