Principal May/June 2019: Assessment & Feedback

Stellar teaching and impactful learning require purposeful assessment and relevant feedback, with principals at the center of ensuring that the cycle nets student achievement gains. But with so many educators decrying testing overload and initiative fatigue, it’s no wonder that student assessments can start to feel like an unproductive add-on. This issue of Principal magazine offers strategies school leaders can use to integrate assessments and feedback in a way that enhances and augments learning.

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This issue of Principal is also accompanied by a Leading Lessons guide, “Start Off Strong.” Use this guide to rethink your back-to-school professional learning event in the fall.



Assessment That Supports Equity
Strategies to encourage progress instead of measuring what’s already known
Ann Jaquith

A Formative Experience
A school’s assessment journey will be marked by milestones—and a few bumps
Linda Gill and Christina Mulhollan Miller

Research Roundup: Data That Drives Decisions
Recent reports discuss the use of data in implementing instruction and improvement
Linda Fitch

Making the Grade?
Parents view report card grades as most important for understanding achievement. Teachers don’t.

A Critical Look at Homework
Assignments should address each student’s goals and circumstances to support learning
Cathy Vatterott

Making Data Mean Something
A data-informed culture uses assessments to create milestones toward a shared educational goal
Vernita Glenn-White, Kristopher J. Childs, and Damien Moses


Building a Culture of Numeracy
Schools that create positive perceptions about math instruction can boost performance, too
By Kim VerMerris and Christopher Wooleyhand

Math That’s Open to Everyone
A shift in beliefs is key to advancing access and equity in math instruction
Renee Gallagher


From the Editor
Assessment and Feedback for Learning
Kaylen Tucker

Nuggets of research, policy, and practice to keep you informed

5 Things
What you need to know about the association that has your back

In the Spotlight
Northern Light: An Alaskan principal on tradition and support

Practitioner’s Corner
Shape Play to Shape Minds
Well-designed playgrounds and play structures provide a favorable setting for child development

Best Practice
Growth Is the Goal
The do’s and don’ts of teacher observations and evaluation

Raising the Bar
Six Steps Toward Improved Assessment
Evaluations don’t always have to be high-stakes to be effective

The Reflective Principal
The Process Takes Time
Don’t look to data for a quick fix when it comes to measuring growth

Speaking Out
Turnover Impacts Teaching
Inequity undermines principal longevity, affecting student achievement

Principal’s Bookshelf
Making Culture a Verb
Jimmy Casas’ Culturize can help leaders create a caring, safe, and effective school environment

Parents & Schools
Reinventing Back-to-School Nights
Get students involved in creating parent engagement

In the Middle
30 Minutes to Care
One middle school’s flexible period gets students involved in activities beyond the classroom

Why Principals Need Networks
L. Earl Franks, Ed.D., CAE