Principal May/June 2013: The Achievement Gap

This issue of Principal investigates the school’s role in leveling the playing field. We start with Christopher Wooleyhand’s six-step framework for what principals can do to close the gap, including instilling a schoolwide culture of efficacy. Our Q&A with University of Maryland, Baltimore County President Freeman Hrabowski provides a 30,000 foot view discussion of strategies to bridge the achievement gap. You can also find a useful list web resources relating to this issue's articles on the achievment gap.

In addition, this issue features the last article in the five-part series for early career principals, Charting Your Path.

Putting Beliefs Into Action
Christopher Wooleyhand
Principals can close the achievement gap by following this six-step framework.
(Article available to the public.)

How to Build a Village: A Conversation With Freeman Hrabowski
This college president and dynamic NAESP conference speaker outlines the key building blocks to closing the achievement gap.

Food for Thought
Meredith Barnett
To narrow the achievement gap, principals across the country are using creative approaches to feed students’ bodies and minds.
(Article available to the public.)

Digital Divide 2.0
James Michael Brodie
Today’s divide is much more subtle, centering on participation and teacher preparation.


From Teacher to Principal: Five Effective Tools
Dwayne A. Young
Take advantage of skills you honed as a teacher leader.
(Article available to the public.)

Crossing Language Barriers
Debbie Zacarian
Help English-language learners thrive by plugging in to this four-pronged approach to teaching academic language.


From the Editor
Redefining the Achievement Gap
Kaylen Tucker
(Article available to the public.)

Grouping students by ability, body language buzzwords, and promising practices.
(Article available to the public.)

Parents & Schools
The Rise of the Millennial Parent
James Pedersen

Practitioner’s Corner
Common Core at the Local Level
Joe Crawford

Raising the Bar
Collaborate to Integrate Technology
Ruby Larson

Principal’s Bookshelf

The New School Management by Wandering Around
By William A. Streshly, Susan Penny Gray, and Larry E. Frase
—Reviewed by Jeffrey Carroll

Project-Based Learning: Differentiating Instruction for the 21st Century
By William N. Bender
—Reviewed by Gara Field

The Reflective Principal
Riding the First-Year Wave
Shawn Riley

Ten to Teen
Game-changing, Middle-level Strategies
Mary Kay Sommers

Speaking Out
Balancing Preschool, Academic Rigor
Christopher P. Brown and Brian Mowry
(Article available to the public.)

It’s the Law
High-Stakes Testing
Perry Zirkel

Four Steps to Close the Gap
Gail Connelly
(Article available to the public.)