Principal March/April 2013: Transitions

Successful transitions often require loving the entire change process. Whether the task at hand is introducing a new behavior support program for students or developing an enhanced professional development experience for teachers, it remains vitally important to focus on the individual stages of an initiative instead of only narrowly focusing on the outcome. The articles in this issue of Principal address the theme of Transitional Stages, reinforcing effective school leadership as a process that requires continuous learning.

Setting a Vision for Change Leadership
Sandra C. Cox, Ayesha Farag-Davis, Carol Gibbs, & Jacie Maslyk
In education, change is the norm. Four principals share their challenges and triumphs in leading their schools through shifts.

The Path to Lifelong Success Begins With P-3
Kristie Kaurez
Student’s early education experiences set the tone for future success as they transition through the learning continuum.

New School, New Pre-K Challenges
Raphael Crawford

Empower Students With Brain Knowledge
Judy Willis
Teachers can help transform student’ capacities to excel with brain-favorable approaches to teaching and learning.


Beat the Clock
Veteran educators share their game-changing strategies for time management.

Assessing Progress Toward College and Career Readiness
Joe Willhoft
By the 2014-2015 school year, states will implement next-generation assessments that align with Common Core State Standards.  Here’s what principals need to know.

Baltimore Is the Place to Be
This year’s conference comes to Maryland’s “Charm City”


From the Editor
Loving the Change Process
Kaylen Tucker
(Article available to the public.)

Physical activity research, budget cuts, NAESP Conference speakers, and Board of Directors election
(Article available to the public.)

Parents & Schools
Putting a FACE on a School
Joe Mazza

Practitioner’s Corner
Crack the Books on the First Day
Sandra C. Birchfield

Raising the Bar
Walkthroughs Accelerate Achievement
Linda Fisher

Principal’s Bookshelf

Leadership Standards in Action: The School Principal as Servant Leader
by Cade Brumley
Reviewed by Sonya Hemmen

High Poverty, High-Performing Schools: Foundations for Real Student Success
by Ovid K. Wong
—Reviewed by Hester Chandley Alfred

The Reflective Principal
Thanks to Our PLC, I Can RIP
Carolyn Carter Miller

Ten to Teen
Every School Day Counts
Heidi Arthur

Speaking Out
Childhood in Lockdown
Ari Gerzon-Kessler
(Article available to the public.)

It’s the Law
Passing the Trash
Perry Zirkel

Reclaiming Accountability
Gail Connelly
(Article available to the public.)