Principal January/February 2021: Leadership Teams

This issue of Principal magazine focuses shared leaderhip teams, and how sharing leadership tasks with assistant principals and teacher leaders can ease the burden of running a school and directing its curriculum, as well as bring new leaders into the principalship.

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This issue of Principal is also accompanied by two special editions of Leading Lessons:



Weave a Web of Expertise
There’s strength in empowering the collective
By John Hattie and Raymond Smith

On the Same Page
By Ebony M. Bridwell-Mitchell

Learning in Parallel
A collaborative model gives teachers the same supports that children need for early learning to succeed By Sharon Ritchie and Sam Oertwig

Create a Cultural Shift
3 strategies to correct the historical challenges of recruiting and retaining Black teachers
By Shawn Joseph and Kmt G. Shockley

Lead Through Crisis Together
Distributed leadership can help schools excel beyond the pandemic
By Leroy Gaines


From the Editor
Empower the Collective

First Bell
Discipline targets girls of color disproportionately; summer and afterschool programs are suffering; and more

Bulletin Board
NAESP and aligned resources that advocate for, strengthen, and support principals

APs Rising
So Little Time
APs must prioritize their many tasks to provide effective instructional support

Women in Leadership
Conquering Imposter Syndrome
Just because you’re swimming in a bigger pond doesn’t mean you don’t belong there

Show & Tell
Howard E. Fields III
Missouri principal supports Black educators in a new position

The SEL Spot
Feeling the Burn
Create a culture of wellness to support teachers who seem to be losing their spark

Exploring Equity
Let’s Talk About Race
Principals must examine their own privilege to conquer unconscious bias and ensure equity for students of color

Discovery Zone
Making Science Fun Again
4 ways to provide professional learning that’s effective, impactful, and sustainable

From the Field
Strategies for meeting today’s educational challenges

Exit Pass
Celebrating 100 Years of NAESP
L. Earl Franks, Ed.D., CAE