Principal January/February 2018: Comprehensive Learning

Ensuring that all children receive a well-rounded and complete education is essential for school and student success. This issue of Principal magazine takes a new look at how principals can put comprehensive learning into action, addressing topics such as school discipline, social-emotional skills, and arts integration.

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The January/February issue also features a supplement on after-school learning, published in partnership with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. You can read the special issue here.


All for One and One for All
How to make inclusion work for students and staff.
Mary Grover and Jennifer Gondek

A Better Approach to School Discipline
How restorative practices can help decrease disciplinary referrals.
and increase students’ social-emotional skills
Bobby Riley

Strong Social-Emotional Skills = Student Success
Measuring student SEL can help you target intervention for young learners.
Danna Grimes

Preschool Is More Than Fun & Games
Investing time and effort into preschool pays long-term dividends.
Kathryn Raasch

Equal Footing
Students in poverty start school at a disadvantage. Here’s how you can help families close the gap.
Rachael George

Arts Integration Improves School Culture and Student Success
Art infuses joy and student voice into daily instruction.
Cheri Sterman


Every Child Can Be Is an Engineer
Why engineering should be a part of every elementary classroom
Margaret Honey

A Match Made in Education
Two principals share how having a friend in leadership can elevate your principalship
LaGloria Wheatfall


From the Editor
Connect the Dots on Well-being
Kaylen Tucker

Nuggets of research, policy, and practice to keep you informed

5 Things
What you need to know about the Association that has your back

Practitioner’s Corner
Integrate SEL Skills to Make Learning Come Alive
Karen Dresden

Prioritizing Mental Health Pays Off
Alex Schukow and Theresa Stager

Early Career
Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Teachers
John F. Eller and Sheila A. Eller

The Reflective Principal
Think Like a Principal
Simon Rodberg

Principal’s Bookshelf
Reading Across the Curriculum
Brian Bond

It’s the Law
School Safety?
Perry A. Zirkel

Speaking Out
When Hate Speech Strikes, What Will Your Terms of Engagement Be?
Veronica McDermott

Parents & Schools
Achieve Your School Year Goals With Volunteer Power
Jim Accomando

A New Paradigm for Comprehensive Learning
L. Earl Franks, Ed.D., CAE