Principal January/February 2017: Equity & Access For Diverse Learners

Gross inequity is a challenge many principals and schools are forced to contend with. Wide disparities in school funding exist, not to mention inequities in access to high-quality early education, technology, art-infused instruction, and other levers that we know lead to academic success. This issue of Principal magazine focuses on the needs of diverse learners, and ensuring that all students are provided a quality education at their school.

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Equity & Access For Diverse Learners

The Principal's Role in High Expectations Teaching
A pathway toward closing the achievement gap among diverse learners.
Jon Saphier

Diverse Students Need Diverse Resources
Four ways to ensure diversity in your school library program.
Deborah Ford

The Diversity Divide
Recent studies show lack of racial diversity among educators in America.
Robert Bittner

Who Is Gifted
Steps to accelerate learning for diverse populations.
Lin Grensing-Pophal

Gender Inclusive Schools
What principals need to know about gender identity and supporting
transgender students.
Kim Westheimer

A Visual Voice for Diverse Learners
Art integration bridges communication gaps with “visible thinking.”
Cheri Sterman


The Future Is Now
Ten realities for educators and communities.
Gary Marx

Making Email Work for You
Shorten your workweek with email management tips.
Theresa Stager


From the Editor
More than Grit
—Kaylen Tucker

Nuggets of research, policy, and practice to keep you informed.

Member Spotlight
Forward-Thinking Minnesota Principal Connects Learners of All Ages

Ten to Teen
The Real Work of the Principalship
Mitch Craft

Practitioner’s Corner
What Principals Should Know About edTPA
—Matthew J. Miller

Raising the Bar
Three Dimensions of Ongoing Instructional Improvement
—Kevin Goralczyk

Parents & Schools
Six Steps to Partner With Diverse Families
—Karen Buchanan and Thomas Buchanan

The Reflective Principal
From Newbie to Veteran Principal
—Jeremiah J. Gonzalez

It’s the Law
Service Animals
—Perry A. Zirkel

Best Practices
English Learners: A Principal’s Handbook
—Kelly Reider and Christopher Wooleyhand

Speaking Out
Disciplining Other People’s Children
—Carey Dahncke

Equity, Equality, and You
—Gail Connelly