In 2011, NAESP and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) launched the Principal Evaluation Initiative to develop guidelines to determine how, when and why principals should be evaluated—and to ensure that such systems are informed by the best research. 

A Call to Action From the Nation’s Largest Principal Associations

It’s time for a new framework for evaluating principals’ performance—one that reflects the complexity of the principalship, measures principals’ leadership competencies required for student and school success, and seeks out the insight and experience that only practicing principals can bring to bear.

As the federal government urges states and districts to create principal evaluation systems, largely linked to student achievement, it’s also time that principals be part of the conversation. Without the inclusion of the expertise of school and instructional leaders, the new evaluation systems created across the country may not necessarily be improved or attain desired results, and, as a result, principals may not view feedback from these new evaluation systems as informative for improvement of their practice or their schools

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