Patricia M. Salleh Matta
The International School of Kenya
U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Schools
Nairobi, Kenya

Patricia M. Salleh Matta“I am a learning leader,” says Patricia Salleh Matta. One way she has developed a community of learners among teachers she oversees is by ensuring that staff meetings focus on student learning and are goal-oriented. Salleh Matta also has led her school staff to adopt an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. Since arriving at the International School of Kenya in 2006, Salleh Matta has fostered an achievement-oriented school culture by setting high expectations for herself, the 276 Pre-K-5 students, and the school staff. As the administrative head of her school’s support services for students, Salleh Matta has tried to include parents at meetings of Child Study Team members. She also has worked with her school’s Professional Development Committee and support services staff to promote a program to meet the needs of highly capable students. During her career in education since 1975, Salleh Matta has worked in schools in Ireland, West Africa, Uganda, and Kenya. At the International School of Kenya, she has encouraged an awareness of the host country and a celebration of its culture in the curriculum and instruction. In her previous principalship at the International School of Uganda, she played a major role in implementing International Baccalaureate programs at the primary-grades and middle-grades levels. She received a B.S. and an H.D.E. (Higher Diploma in Education) from University College in Cork, Ireland.