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Jennifer Passchier
Crawford Elementary School
Aurora Public Schools
Aurora, Colorado

Jennifer Passchier has been hailed by her colleagues as a dynamic leader who possesses a “relentless work ethic” and the ability to maximize student potential. In 2008, she began her career as principal of Park Lane Elementary in Aurora where she was able to increase the school's status from “Priority Improvement” to “Performance”—a significant accomplishment in the Colorado Public School System. At Crawford Elementary, Passchier succeeded once again in increasing her school's achievement status. Under her leadership, Crawford is well on its way to “Performance” status and is most improved of any school in the district for math and writing proficiency. Passchier constantly works alongside faculty to examine standards and plan lessons. According to teacher Michelle Bohy, she possesses “a teamwork attitude that her staff is attracted to...She is determined to have everyone succeed.” This sentiment is reflected in Crawford’s improved teacher turnover rate, with thirteen new teachers when Passchier arrived and only three new teachers in her returning year. As the leader of one of the largest student refugee populations in the district, Passchier also works with the community to provide students with essential resources.  Supportive partners have included University of Colorado Hospital and Target, among others. Passchier holds a B.A. From Hope College, MI, as well as an M.A. from University of Colorado at Denver and a Principal License from the University of Denver.