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Steve M. Lassiter, Jr.
Pactolus School
Pitt County Schools
Greenville, North Carolina

As a principal, Steve Lassiter has been an inspiration for his students, a mentor to his colleagues, and a valuable partner to parents and community members. In 2012, Lassiter took his position as principal at Edna Andrews Elementary School. Just one year later, the school was named a “Reward School,” indicating its place in the top ten percent of high-progress schools in the state. Lassiter then moved to Pactolus School, a nearby K-8 school in Greenville. In his first year, he was able to cut the teacher turnover rate in half from 25 to 12 percent. Those who know Lassiter see him as ambitious, selfless, and productive. By using small group instruction, weekly Professional Learning Community meetings (both vertical and grade-level), and Common Formative Assessments, he ensures academic progress for every student. He also obtained a $45,000 grant from United Way to fund after-school programs for struggling learners. Recently, Lassiter co-authored an article for the Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership entitled, “Doing More with Less: How to Maintain the Integrity of Beginning Teacher Support Programs.” He was also named the “Wells Fargo 2015 North Carolina Principal of the Year.” Lassiter holds a B.S. and an M.S.A. from East Carolina University, an Ed.S. from NC State University, and is currently pursuing an Ed.D. from NC State University.