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Debbie Kay Fuller
Mansfield Elementary School
DeSoto Parish School System
Mansfield, Louisiana

At Mansfield Elementary, Principal Debbie Fuller has been able to change the school's status from an "F" to a "C" in the short time of just two years. When Fuller first took her position in 2011, the administration at Mansfield had decided to begin the Teacher and Student Advancement Program (TAP) in the hopes of increasing student achievement. With expertise and dedication, Fuller was able to successfully implement TAP along with a Vision Plan that empowered teachers to be more effective leaders. Each teacher at Mansfield participates in a "goal theme team" such as Academics, Behavior, or Parental Involvement. As a result, Fuller now considers every teacher to be "effective" or "highly effective," and student progress has soared. Open positions for mentors or master teachers are consistently in high demand. Fuller is also adept at gathering parental support. During her time as principal, parents have gone from merely observing school events to eagerly participating in them. Mansfield's "Donuts with Dads" program, which encourages dads to read with their children, has over 350 participants each year. Furthermore, the Spring and Fall festivals—featuring skill-based games created by each grade level—attract over 500 parents and students annually.. She holds a B.A. from Louisiana Tech. University and an M.Ed. with over thirty graduate hours from Louisiana State University.