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Alicia M. Bowman
West Woods Upper Elementary School
Farmington Public Schools
Farmington, Connecticut

 As the five-year principal of West Woods Upper Elementary School (WWUES), Alicia Bowman has developed unique approaches that engage the entire school community in the process of lifelong learning. As a member of the only district in the state to earn the title of Exemplar District from the Partnership of 21st Century Learning (P21) in 2014, WWUES drew national attention for its innovative and future-oriented learning practices. Bowman's efforts are strategic, holistic, and most importantly, student-centered. According to Mary Grace Reed, Chair of the Farmington Board of Education, “Her intensity in ensuring there is a strong connection between the students, families, teachers, and the district is uncommon, and her colleagues recognize that.” Rather than being the objects of conversation, students are a part of it; Bowman allows students to use their own data in order to make decisions and develop their own paths toward improvement. She allows students to practice essential leadership skills by encouraging them to lead parent conferences. Furthermore, Bowman's work on School-Based Instructional Rounds was featured in Lee Teitel's book, School-Based Instructional Rounds: Improving Teaching and Learning Across Classrooms and the March/April 2015 issue of NAESP's Principal Magazine. Under Bowman's guidance, WWUES was also featured in Education Week as one of “Twenty-Five Districts Worth Visiting in the United States.” Bowman holds a B.S. and M.A. in Education and a sixth-year diploma in Educational Administration from the University of Connecticut Storrs.